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Earn 25% of any order for your team

We make it easy to earn for your team without a massive effort to organize a fundraiser and pass out a carload of hoagies or chocolate covered pretzels!

*Fill out the 15 second form below to inquire.

*We send you an email within 24 hrs to quickly provide all pertinent info to get the ball rolling.
*Earn passive fundraising income for your team - No cap on earnings! No end date!

How to earn?

*Anyone who uses your specific code at checkout earns you 25% of the product retail price.
*This earning includes stock and custom ordering.
*If you approve use of your Team Logo, we will create at least one design on all products.
*Payouts are made to your Paypal or Venmo account on a quarterly basis. 
*If earnings do not reach $10 in a quarter, they will be rolled over to the next quarter until it is met.
*Payment Schedule
     Q1: Jan 1st-Mar 31st - 6/15 payout
     Q2: Apr 1st-Jun 30th - 9/15 payout
     Q3: Jul 1st-Sep 30th - 12/15 payout
     Q4: Oct 1st-Dec 31st - 3/15 payout


Questions?  Email us @


Let us know about your team!

Thank you! We will contact you within 24 hours.

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