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Originally starting out as a product line for our parent company,, our bag tags were an instant success in the world of swimming.  Gaining recognition across the United States for creating superb bag tags that can withstand chlorine and salt water, we decided it was time to expand beyond the sport of swimming.

Making bag tags for league swim championships, state swim championships, college swim teams, swim all stars and high school swim teams evolved to creating custom bag tags for teams competing in the cheerleading worlds competitions, dance all-star teams, soccer leagues and so much more.

All while doing this, we expanded our stock items to many sports, as well as medical tags and luggage/identification tags. 

Selling on internet marketplaces made us realize that what made us different was how we interacted with customers.  Taking a human approach is our key to success.  It really opens the possibilities of creating amazing customized bag tags.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on high quality, efficient production.  This leads to lower costs for our customers and fast delivery.  Check out some of our stock items or contact us for custom team bag tags.  We'll be more than happy to help!

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