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  • How are your bag tags made?
    That's kind of like asking the President what their military plans are. We can only disclose so much information. We use rigid pvc cards that allow for infused inks. Specialty printers are used, which allows for instant drying.
  • How are your bag tags different than everyone elses?
    We are glad you asked! 1.) We do not use sublimation to transfer the design to the base bag tag. Bag tags made this way fade within a few months until they are a dull white and you can no longer see the design. 2.) We use rigid pvc materials. Many of our competitors use a super thin Teslin material to cut costs. 3.) Our process does not require lamination for our bag tags to be waterproof. Anyone who has had a laminated bag tag knows that they delaminate very quickly when exposed to sun or water. 4.) We have fast turnaround on custom orders. The whole process (Initial contact - product in hand) is no more than 10 calendar days when you factor in mockups, production time, and shipping. Some of our larger competitors are currently at 15+ business days. 5.) Our pricing is reasonable. Some competitors are charging $15 + shipping for one bag tag! Some also charge extra for adding names to bag tags. Identification is one of the primary reasons for bag tags. Why in the world would a bag tag making company charge for that?!
  • How do I care for my bag tag?
    Our bag tags are quite durable. We've done hundreds of hours in testing our bag tags (salt water, chlorinated water, sun exposure, liquid exposure of all sorts, and so much more). To keep them in prestine shape, there are a few cleaning methods to use and a few to avoid. The best method of cleaning is to place under cold to room temp water from a faucet to get the entire tag wet and then rub with your fingers under the water. Yes, that simple! What to avoid: Cleaning with alcohol (liquid, wipes, vodka, etc.) Directly spraying sunscreen or hairspray on the bag tags Using any type of hand/body lotions that may contain oily ingredients to clean the bag tags Simpler is better with our bag tags! Being creative in trying to clean our bag tags will only result in disappointment.
  • How do I order customized bag tags for my team?
    Our process is tried and true to creating bag tags you will love. 1.) Go to our Customization Page. 2.) Fill out our quick form. We assure you, it is QUICK. 3.) Within 24 hours, you will be contacted by one of our designers that will ask that you provide team logos and anything else relevant to your team (Name, Motto, Mascot, Theme, etc.). They will also work with you on need date. 4.) We will create a few mock-ups within 1-2 days for you to review. If you like one, we will go with that one. If you want tweaks, we will make them. 5.) Once you are ready to order, give us the approval and we will create a custom product listing for you to securely pay for. If there are names that will go on the bag tags, we will ask that you send them to us via email in word or excel files.
  • Can you set up at a local sport event?
    Yes, we do local events around the Pittsburgh, PA area. We are able to print on site. When we print on site, our bag tags take about 3 minutes total to print both back and front. We also work with the team/people hosting the event to come up with a themed bag tag for the event. We come prepared with some pre-printed and can print more as the day goes on. Having us at your event is also a great way for your team to fundraise. A portion of our sales goes back to your team. The only thing you need to do for us is get us within 50 feet of a power source. We do the rest!
  • What if I receive my order and there is a text misprint?
    *Single tag text misprint, whether it was provided to us incorrectly or we made the error, we will send you a replacement free of charge. We just ask for visual proof of the error. *Multiple text misprints on one order. If we made the error, we will replace all at no cost to you. If the error came from the customer and we printed to the specifications approved by the customer, we will work with you so your order is not a total bust. Contact us to figure it out together! We pride ourselves in being spot on with names and text. Our accuracy rate for correct names/text is 99.95% (as of Dec 2021), with a goal to increase that rate with every single bag tag we make. Contact our customer service directly @
  • Who do I get a hold of if I have a question?
    You can email us directly at or you can use our quick form on the Customization Page.
  • What is your Customer Rating?
    This is where we toot our own horn. Out of the last 100 reviews, we have 99 5-star reviews and one 4-star review. - Updated December 2021. Many reviews, which a few are on our homepage, point out Fast Shipping, High Quality, Easy To Work With, and Great Customer Service. We are happy to see these types of reviews because if we were a customer, those are the things that matter the most to us when making a purchase.

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