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League/Large Group Fundraisers

No more boring fundraisers selling discount books or overpriced chocolates!


We Make Fundraising Enjoyable

Simple Fundraisers start with a simple explanation. 

We create customized bag tag(s) for your team/league that you approve.  Order deadlines are determined.  We make an order instruction sheet that you send to parents and THEY do the ordering on our website.  Once we complete production, we send all orders to you in 1 shipment and you disperse the orders to the appropriate athletes/parents.

For each customized team bag tag ordered, your league/team earns $3.00.  For any additional Stock bag tag ordered along with a custom tag, your league/team earns $1.50.

As a League or Team Officer, your commitment results in approximately 3 emails and handing out orders when they arrive.  Now that's a minimal time investment with no headaches!



Fundraiser Requirements:
*Team/League must include over 80 athletes
*No minimum on amount of orders or order $ amount
*Parents must order by deadline determined
*To earn on stock bag tags, they must be ordered with at least 1 of the specially customized bag tags for your team/league

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